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Turning Your Home Decor Visions Into Reality

So you’ve made the decision to redecorate your home. Now it’s time to put your ideas into practice. The goal of this site is to take you by the hand and hopefully first, help you clarify your vision, and second, turn your vision(s) into reality!

Once you realize that your living room needs a brighter aura or some accent lighting or that your kitchen needs a functional upgrade, or that your bathroom, bedroom, sun room or even your patio needs a new look, a surge of ideas comes running through your head. But in many cases, and especially if decorating is not your forte, those ideas can become disorganized and unconnected.

A good way to put those ideas into a tangible, visual scheme is to familiarize yourself with different decor styles and choices.

This site is being put together to help you with much of that, but I’ve found that giving yourself an arsenal of varying ideas by subscribing to home decor catalogs is the best way to initiate ideas. They give you a diversity of options to pick from, in addition to what I give you here, on this site.

Sometimes ideas come in colors.

Whether you are suddenly sick of the brick red in the kitchen or you have a vision of your dining room embedded in royal purple, colors are an important part of home decor. A change of hue is a cheap and easy DIY way to give any old, boring room a brand new feel.

To materialize your color ideas, there are many types of decor software that allow you to customize the colors in a room and see the prospective result. There are also some free features on home decoration sites and paint sites that allow you to test the paint colors they sell in different decor styles. Both of these are excellent ways to see your visions of color applied.

How Your Decor Reflects Your Personality

Do you ever go to visit someone for the first time and end up looking around to see what their decor is like?

Like it or not our decor says a lot about whom we are as people. It reveals what we like, what we don’t like, and more importantly what kind of character we possess.

Our character can also be revealed by the way we decorate certain rooms. Our practical nature might be shown in the efficient storage solutions we use in our kitchen.

Conversely the red tones and satin sheets we use to decorate our bedroom would reveal a very different side to our personality; one that not everyone would see!

Different Areas, Different Ideas

When deciding on decor for our home, it’s a good idea to separate public from private. Think about holding a party for example. Which areas of your house would you be happy to open up to your guests? And which ones would you prefer to keep off limits?

In general, bedrooms and suites won’t be seen by anyone other than their owner and close family and friends, so you can save a more personal touch for these areas.

Flooring is a popular part of any decor, and the type you choose will depend on how highly trafficked the area is. Your personality will show through in the color and quality of the flooring in each room.

A luxurious wool carpet would be ideal underfoot in the bedroom, but a beautiful but sturdy linoleum or vinyl tile would obviously be more appropriate for the kitchen. Choose a pattern that suits your personality!


Your personality will also be evident in the accessories you select to complement your decor.

Lighting can make a big difference to how each room is perceived. Spotlights can be used to highlight specific areas in the kitchen, whether it’s for practical or aesthetic purposes.

This can be carried through to the decor in the rest of your home. If you like to highlight objects and possessions that matter to you, spotlights and single light fittings can do this very well.

If, on the other hand, you are minimalist with your decor, you may go for general mood lighting instead.

In short, how you use decor to improve, style and highlight your home reveals a lot more about your vision and personality than you might previously have thought.


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