Keeping Your Home Decor Notes and Plans Organized and Handy

Keeping Your Remodeling Plans Organized

Home decorating involves many different elements. You must keep track of them in order to achieve a successful design that pleases your taste and your home’s functionality.

Many times I come up with ideas that, if I don’t track, I’ll forget after a day or so and never put into practice. Since work, family, and hobbies take such a large part of our time, keeping tabs on your decor ideas is a good idea to prevent them from slipping away.

If you keep your ideas and resources organized, you’ll save time and will be able to apply most, if not all, of the ideas that you come up with.

If you build an orderly portfolio of your likes and dislikes, it will be a lot easier for you to pick out the right options for the style of decor that you select.

Where Will You Keep Your Notes and Plans?

First, you must select a place to put your information. You can choose anything from a nice box to a briefcase or small filing cabinet.

If you are planning on taking your resources to your local design store, make sure to select a carrying bag that is easy to transport back and forth from place to place. There are some essential items to have on hand to record your ideas and make choices that are relevant to your decor’s theme and atmosphere. You can keep magazine cuttings and fabric samples to remind yourself of techniques or styles that you want to employ.

Don’t Get Caught Without Pen and Paper (or your smartphone?)

It’s also important to have something to write with, just in case you need to note information such as paint colors, hardware brands, or other design tips. For paper, you can use post-its or notepads to compile your info and separate it if needed. Of course, in this day and age of smart phones, you can also input information into your phone’s notes app.

Keep a Floor Plan Handy

Finally, keeping a floor plan of the room you are going to decorate handy will save you extra trips to the store. Make sure that your floor plan is to scale and has exact measurements so that you can select the best option from the choices you have. Measurements should include everything from doors to walls and windows. The floor plan should also have unusable nooks and electrical outlets so that you can best consider the layout of your furniture. (i.e. – Isn’t it a pain when you cover up an electrical outlet that you need with a large piece of furniture!)


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Some Home Decor Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decor: Getting Started

While home decor is all about creativity and adding your personal touch, there are a few rules to follow to maximize the flow and harmony of any room. The guidelines to home decorating are broad, and will allow you to think outside of the box while imposing just a few small restrictions.

Here Are a Few DO’S:

Do research different decor styles to find the one that best suits your taste and home functionality.

Do keep in mind that when it comes to furniture, a high price usually means high quality. Even though it might seem like an unnecessary expenditure, selecting a quality piece of furniture from the start will save you money and time in the long run.

Do define the focal point of the room. Decorate in straight lines around it to maintain slight symmetry and harmony.

Do make a rough draft of your potential layout, accounting for space measurements of the different components of the room. This includes walls, adjacent walls, closets, windows, electrical sockets, and doors.

Do think about the functionality of a room before establishing a theme or home decor style. Always be sure that the atmosphere is relevant to the uses of the room and the way your family “works”.

Do test different locations and layout possibilities that you may have not considered. These might offer just the look that you’re after.

Do use DIY projects to add complexity and detail into a boring room. Good options to bring out the sophistication of a room are the use of crown molding, textured wallpapers, tall baseboards, and patinas.

Do apply a symmetrical layout to maintain order and clean lines, especially in formal styles of decor.

Do use additional furniture, such as side tables and coffee tables, to make a room more inviting and comfortable for guests and more functional for you.

Do put emphasis on a few items in the room, and use additional accessories as a support to the theme, and not as focal points themselves.

Do find a special piece that ties the room together. That room component, whether it’s a piece of artwork or a beautiful rug, must incorporate the theme and colors of the room. For best results, it ought to be placed strategically to generate continuity and flow between living areas.

And a Few Don’ts

Don’t overspend on items without being aware of your budget and restrictions.

Don’t plan your layout without first considering the room’s focal point and how you will preserve its attractiveness. In this way, your decor will be placed where it will be appreciated without taking away from the attention drawn to the focal point.

Don’t forget to consider the essence of your home, including architectural features, location, and atmosphere, before deciding on a decor style.

Don’t restrict yourself by aligning furniture to the walls if you have a big space.

Don’t situate your furniture where it will block the flow of traffic, entryways, or closets.

Don’t restrict yourself to even numbers when grouping similar items. Odd numbers can generate a more dramatic effect, especially in more casual styles of decor.

Don’t overdo it with too much clutter, which can take away from the feeling of comfort and coziness that room decor should give.

Don’t restrict yourself to symmetry if you are looking for a more laid back, relaxed look.


Online Legal Stuff – this website/blog may contain affiliate marketing links and/or paid advertising links, which may result in the owner of this website receiving a commission.