Home Decor Styles: Unique / DIY

Are you ready to start a home decorating or re-decorating project, but you aren’t interested in getting what everybody else has? Well as you know, when it comes to decorating your home, there are many choices available.  It seems like there is a store selling home decor items on every corner.  But what if you are interested in more unique home decor items?  Fear not – there are many avenues available to find unique items for your home, you just need to know what those avenues are.

Do It Yourself Home Decor – And Do It On A Budget!



One choice for obtaining unique home decor items is to create them yourself.  This is an option for the more adventurous at heart and individuals with a large amount of patience.  There are many home decoration items that can be created by the home owner with a small amount of instruction and a large amount of practice.  Almost anything can be created with a DIY project, but the most popular are blankets, rugs, wind chimes, and bird houses.

Finding instructions on how to create unique home decor items is easy.  Many craft stores carry kits that can be customized by color or fabric while adhering to a basic design.  The best thing about buying these kits is that if you encounter a problem or have a question, you will be able to call a help line number provided with the instructions for the kit.

Other options include finding the directions for a particular project on the internet.  These directions are quite comprehensive and provide step by step instructions on how to manufacture your personal project.  Whether purchasing from a store that carries unique home decor items or crafting them yourself, you are certain to have a great item that will be a conversation piece for many years to come.

Finding Unique Home Decor Items

If purchasing your home decor items at a national chain store where all of your neighbors have frequented does not appeal to you, try using some less conventional shopping options to find unique home decorating items.  One of these lesser known options is to try a local store that sells handmade crafts. Many of these items are the personal work of an individual artist and the items will only be available at that one particular store.

The items sold could be ceramic figurines, hand woven baskets, or unique blankets, throws, and rugs.  There is no predicting what you will find when searching one of these locally owned stores and the prices are comparable to most items found at national chain stores. To be even more sure that your decorations are unique from what your neighbors have, go to out-of-town locally owned stores.

Another option for finding unique decor items is to frequent arts and crafts shows, usually held in the summer.  These art shows bring together up and coming artists from all over the state.  The larger art shows include artist from all areas of the country.  These shows display unique works of arts and crafts created by individual artists that reflect their personal visions.

Because many of the pieces displayed at art shows are hand crafted, there will be only one or two of the items in existence in the entire world.  These items also have a free-ness of form and structure not found in items offered in stores, as these pieces were never designed to appeal to the masses.  The prices for these items may be more expensive than purchasing from a store, due to the uniqueness of the product and the amount of time it took the artist to hand-craft the piece.


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