Home Decorating Styles: Modern

Modern home decor is one of the most popular decor styles, in part, because of it’s simplicity. It actually can take on a little bit of the minimalist decorating style in that modern decor does not rely on a large volume of decorations. Rather, the modern decor style focuses on clean lines, modern (even futuristic) looking configurations, sparse decorations, recessed lighting and a planned contrast of color.

The color used in this style of decorating can be dark, bright, rich, colorful and/or bold. Often the walls will contrast with each other and not all the walls will necessarily have the same color when it comes to the modern style. Colors are frequently chosen, in fact, because they contrast well with each other, whether they vary by wall or by room.

Additionally, modern decor will be thought out and chosen carefully in advance. Few pieces of furniture will be selected and often shelves will be mounted on the walls rather than the on the floors because clean space is important with this decor style.. Clean lines are key and furniture is only placed on the floor when absolutely necessary. Often times the only essential furniture that is placed on the floor are the chairs and couches and perhaps a coffee or end table – often made of glass to keep the intended more spacious feeling of the room.

Planning In Advance

When it comes to selecting artwork for your walls, modern home decor will have very particular and well chosen pieces. The artwork should have colors that help reflect the color chosen for the walls. You should only have a few pieces of artwork and they should be of adequate and proper size. There will often only be one or two pieces of artwork on alternate walls since you don’t want a cluttered appearance when it comes to this style of decor.

As with everything else, it is best to select furniture that is simple. Often furniture will have leather or micro fiber since smooth fabrics are important to modern home decor. You won’t frequently find ornate furniture as a part of modern homes. Furniture is often a simple place to sit and nothing else. Coffee or end tables, as mentioned, are often made of glass and simple in design, many times just round or square.

While modern home decor is simple it still provides an air of class to a room or space. People who fancy this decor style go to great lengths to pick out just the right pieces of furniture and decoration in advance to make sure everything contrasts nicely and provides the modern appearance they want. The home will have clean lines and without a lot of knickknacks cluttering up the space.


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