Home Decor Styles: French Country

One of the home decor styles that has been popular world-wide for centuries, really since home decorative practices began, is the French Country decor style. It is a simple style, but so warm, cozy and inviting. It gives you the mindset of sitting in a countryside in the south of France with all the peacefulness of nature nestled around you.

The Elements of French Country Decor

Several aspects influence the French Country decorating style. Although rustic, the style is also very elegant.

The French Country style encompasses a large array of colors. You can use soft yellows and blues, bright reds, blue and greens, as well as rust.

These same colors are used to decorate the fabrics to accentuate the already dramatic effect of the bright color scheme. In order to define accessory pieces, use bright black or a dim shade for your walls. Natural vines are often used to adorn doorways and windows.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are preferably used in French Country Decor. Rustic floors are commonly made from natural stone, brick, or clay. Dark beams of wood that contrast well with the light tone of the walls are often present.

Traditional countryside themes include roosters, sunflowers, and olives, as well as grapes and lavender. Toile, a French design for fabrics, becomes a white or light background linen or cotton that has a large themed design.

Who Favors the French Country Style?

The French country style is wonderful for anyone who prefers a cozy, comfortable, and rustic look. It is easy to achieve a decor of this type if you follow the tips above. Remember that this style emphasizes the use of color and texture as a way to contrast the individual elements in the room and achieve balance and harmony.

The French country style inspires thoughts of prairies, wildflowers, bright, warm sunlight, and the outdoors. If you use these design components in combination with your own personal touch, you will find this style to be familiar and comforting.


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