Defining The Focal Point of a Room

The focal point of a room is where the eye is drawn more often than in any other part of the room. It is not always in the center, and may not be as obvious as you think, but it is crucial that you define it before you be begin a decorating project for that space.

If you want to determine your room’s focal point, ask yourself these questions: When you enter the room, what is the first thing that your eyes rest on? Do you have a fireplace or an oversized or bow window? Is there a large object in your room, like a piano, sculpture or a large portrait?

The focal point of a room is usually located at eye level as you enter the space. An example of this is a piece of art or a large screen tv over a mantle or a glossy black and white piano tucked in the corner. It can also be a large picture window or bay window (as seen below).

A room’s layout and traffic flow will have a significant impact on what a room’s focal point is, and you should keep this in mind when redecorating. You can use a mirror to transport a focal point to another place in the room and maximize its effect. You should especially do this in open floor plans.

It is crucial to define the focal point of a room so that you can plan your decor layout around it. The focal point establishes lines of reference and a pattern of symmetry that are followed to achieve equilibrium and harmony within a room.

To take advantage of your focal point as much as possible, define it in a way that can be seen from the entryway, exit, and main areas of the room. Make sure that seating areas are located directly around the focal point, and that while confined enough for successful interaction, they are aimed directly at the point of focus.


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