Home Decor Styles: Beach Cottage and Tropical Decor Ideas

Everybody loves the beach and everyone loves tropical island vacations. But since most of us don’t really have the option to live there, many choose do the next best thing, which is to make their home feel like a beach cottage with Beach Cottage and Tropical Decor.

Tropical Beach Views

The most common item purchased in this category is the view of a tropical beach.  These beach views can be a painting, a print, or a photograph and come in many styles and hues.  One individual may prefer a painting of a beach at sunset while another may prefer a view of the water at noon.  Some beach pictures focus on the scene beneath the water while others focus on the sky above.  There are many different ways of looking at a single beach and the artists that specialize in beach views have captured them all.

Tropical Fish

Another popular item of tropical decor is images of tropical fish.  These fish vary in hue, style, and size.  They can be created out of glass, metal, wood, or ceramic.  They can be direct reflections of creatures that live in the sea or pure products of the artist’s imagination.  Some individuals choose to house tropical fish in an aquarium in their home, but salt water aquariums require a lot of work to keep them in the perfect condition that enables the fish to survive and thrive. So make sure that you thoroughly research all that’s involved before committing to an actual salt water aquarium.


Another element of beach cottage decorating is the use of seashells as a decorating item.  Seashells come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and can be used in many ways.  Some individuals use the seashells strictly as display objects, while others put their seashells to use as key holders or candy dishes.  Some shells are large enough to use as a centerpiece for a coffee table or kitchen table and others are combined to enhance a painting or other object on display.


The most abundant item on tropical beaches, sand, is rarely used as an item for tropical decor.  The main reason is that there is a good chance that it will spill eventually, not only destroying the decor item but also creating a mess that would be a large hassle to clean up.  Items containing sand are usually made of heavy glass or plastic that will not break easily if dropped and are sealed with no openings to allow the sand to leak out.  Sand comes in very few colors, limited to brown, white, and, in rare cases, black.

Where To Find Beach Cottage and Tropical Decor

Aside from actually traveling to the beach or the tropics to purchase or collect your decor items, objects related to beach cottage decor may be purchased in almost any neighborhood home decor store. Beach cottage decor is more muted than tropical decor and does not use many vibrant colors in the designs.  In some stores, both types of decor may be intermixed due to many consumers treating the items as one design scheme.

There are also many online retailers that specialize in beach cottage decor.  These retailers make it easy to compare different styles and offer many items that may not be available in your neighborhood home decorating store.  Their prices are comparable to buying from the physical locations, but you must factor in the cost of shipping.  When purchasing large beach cottage decor items, the cost of shipping can be as much as 25% of the price of the object.


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