How to Hire a Home Decorator on a Budget

So many of us would love to be financially free enough to not only redecorate our homes on whim and spend whatever we want, but also to hire a professional decorator. The reality for most of us is, though, that we have limited financial resources. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get some professional decorating help, if we are savvy about it.

Ask Questions in a Home Decorating Store

There are many interior design stores with professional designers who are just waiting for a customer to pop in with their decorating questions. Take a look around the store and find something that you’d like to use.

When assistance arrives, make sure to ask all the questions that you have in mind before making a purchase (if any). Remember that designers, like real estate agents, get paid on commission. So don’t go for all of their suggestions or you may end up paying a higher price than you planned for.

Browse and Ask Questions on Interior Design Websites and Internet Forums

Another way to get insight from a professional designer at a low price is to pop by an interior design website that offers advice and will answer to your questions. There are many of these sites out there with forms you can fill out with your decorating plans, measurements, and perhaps some photos, to which designers will reply with their suggestions for your decor.

Save By Doing the Easy Jobs Yourself

You can also save some money on your remodeling by tackling jobs yourself. Is there a duvet that you need to buy or get custom made? If you sew it yourself, you’ll be saving money that you could be investing in an interior designer in exchange for valuable tips. You can also do tile work, demo, or save cash by designing your own accessories or pillow covers.

Try to hire a decorator that charges per hour instead of per project (and make sure they have good reviews!). With just a few hours of their time they can give you several ideas and resources that you can later employ on your own or with the help of other professionals.

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