Choosing a Home Decor Style

There are a few styles of decor that are prominent in today’s interior design methods. These have been transformed through years of evolution.

The main styles of decor that exist today are as follows:

Classic or traditional: The classic, traditional style appeals to order and comfort. This is a timeless look that will last for years to come and requires few accessories. Both symmetry and asymmetry are used in traditional home decor, but symmetry tends to prevail in order to achieve an organized environment that is both simple and comfortable.

Simple or casual: The casual style is based in asymmetry, low furniture, and horizontal lines that give a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. Furniture in this style tends to be oversized, colors are natural, and fabrics inspire simplicity. Textures are used to add interest and color is splashed with the use of accents such as pillows, which also add comfort and functionality.

Formal: The formal style respects symmetry and uses objects in pairs to maintain balance and harmony. Vertical lines help offer a perception of sophistication, and furniture pieces are tall and sleek. Woodwork for this style tends to be dark but polished, with neutral colors such as cream and ivory to accentuate and contrast the wood’s smoothness and quality.

Shabby chic: This style incorporates pastel colors, vintage accessories, distressed white furniture, and floral patterns to create a warm, cozy environment. Candles add intimacy, and the use of flowers, vintage elements, and white furniture appeals to a feminine innocence that is reflected by this type of decor.

Tropical chic: Fueled by animal print, rustic and natural components, and a jungle-oriented theme, the tropical chic style has become very popular nowadays. Materials such as wicker, dark woods, rattan, and cotton prevail, while patterns are organic in nature. Leaves, elephants, monkeys, and so on are used often.

Minimalism: A monochromatic style that follows the rule less is more. Minimalism is a highly functional style with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Elements of decor are always functional, and floor plans are open to maximize the perception of space in small rooms.


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